Navigating “Williamsburg”

Navigating “Williamsburg”

Posted by admin in Williamsburg 21 May 2017

A while ago I read that moving to a new location is good for an “aging” brain, particularly the effort to conceptually visualize the layout of the new environment. Williamsburg is an absolute mental challenge.

Having lived on the east coast all my life, it took a while to get my head around the fact that Williamsburg (ok, James City County) has a river to the north and another to the south and to get to the ocean you head southeast. Yes, we are on a peninsula that borders the Chesapeake Bay, the James River, and the York River and juts out to the Atlantic.

All of which makes it a fabulous area for boating and beaching but very confusing to navigate. nIn fact, just driving down the highway and neighborhoods you’ll see waterfront marinas, creeks, river views and nature preserves. It should be noted that most nature preserves are more commonly known as swamps in the north.

Then there are the roads, many of which have been sliced in two following a construction boom in the early 2000s and very few of which are straight lines in a singular compass point. For example, Ironbound Road looks like a “J” on the map and abruptly makes a right turn at the top of the “J”.

Route 199 is a by-pass half-loop running in all directions. Route 5 is a serpentine roadway but is at least continuous, unlike Irobonbound Road or Rochembau.

I won’t bring up the layout of the major communities – particularly those with gated access. Perhaps another time! Until then, bring your GPS!